i have 5file name in a single folder i need to Rename all 5 file name using uipath .


@Ak_4 please follow these steps
FilesRename.xaml (6.7 KB)

Okay Correct me if im wrong @Ak_4

You have 5 files in a single folder and you need to rename that 5 files ?


Hi @Ak_4

  1. Use Assign Activity
LHS -> Count
RHS -> 1

Variable Type | Int
  1. Use For Each File in Folder activity
Pass the Folder path 
  1. Use Rename File activity
Source -> CurrentFile.ToString

Destination -> "Name"+Count.ToString
  1. Use Assign activity
Count = Count + 1



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yes it is correct

For Each File in Folder with the Move activity inside. Just move to the same folder but with a different filename.

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Hi raja can u resend me the xaml its invalid

Hi @Ak_4

Check out the XAML file

RenameFiles.xaml (12.3 KB)


@Ak_4 please check
FilesRename.xaml (6.7 KB)

please give e screenshot of activities or step ,because xaml is not opening

please check it.

Hi same name is appearing for all file i want different name for all 5 file

Hi thank u for your help all want to rename all 5 file with different name.

@Ak_4 for that you can take input from user or you can use string array.

can you give me a example.

I can give you example but it will be implement when you know total files.

If you don’t know you can take input from user but its not unattended. It will make your process attended.

5 files are there


Thank you. Happy Learning