Rename File or Folder Activity Missing

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if the “Rename File” or “Rename Folder” activities were removed from recent versions of StuidoX?

I’ve looked for related posts and it seems like some people have this activity and some don’t. The only “rename” option I have in my version (2020.10.6) is to rename an excel sheet.

I’ve seen other posts suggesting to use the “move file” activity instead, but I haven’t had luck producing the same result.

Hi @derek.storm-larsen

Could you check which version do you have?

It is importante to make sure that the Sytem.Activities package is installed

Also check below the file/folder category which activities do you have there


Hi @derek.storm-larsen

The “Rename File” and “Rename Folder” activities were deprecated in UiPath StudioX starting from version 2020.10.4. This means that they are no longer available in the activity panel by default.

To rename a file or folder in UiPath StudioX, you can use the “Move File” or “Move Folder” activities instead.


Thank you @fernando_zuluaga and @Nitya1 for your responses!


I’ll give this another go. I struggle a bit trying to replicate the same result using “move file” when the learning tutorial content references using “Rename File” from previous versions.

Is there anyway to reinstall old activities into new versions so I could place “rename file” back in?