Hi community!
I am inside an activity “for each row in data table” scraping information. Usually,the page site does not load correctly.
I would like to know how to refresh the page until an UI element is seen. I think with the “retry scope” activity is posible but I can not find the way to make it happen.
Anyone can help me please?
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use check app state activity until it finds the element, click the refresh button using click activity in target does not appear section

Can you share the screenshot of before and after page loads?

Ajay Mishra

Hi @francogeno97

It will work by using the Retry scope activity only, check the below steps,
→ Drag and drop the Retry scope activity.
→ Inside Action block insert the Navigate browser activity and select the refresh option from the dropdown.
→ Inside Condition block insert the element exist activity and indicate the specific Ui element.

The bot will look for the element if doesn’t exist it will refresh the page and check the element appeared or not until the Retry count reached.

Note - Give the Retry count in the Number of retries field in properties of Retry scope activity as your requirement.

Check the below image for better understanding,

Hope it helps!!

Thanks a lot!
I am using the modern activities I am not able to find the “Element exists”. How should I do?

Element exists is replaced by ‘Check App State’ in modern activities.

Okay @francogeno97

Open the activities panel → Click on filter option → Check the Classic option.

Then search for the Element exist in the search bar then you will find the element exist activity.

Hope it helps!!