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Hi i would like to do a workflow for downloading document from a website however sometimes the website might be down. So how can i use IF CONDITION or TRY Catch method for it to reload the browser and continue the rest of the activity?


You can use Element Exists activity to check whether the element in the web page is present or not. It return Boolean value, by which you can set IF condition and reload the web page by Refresh Browser activity.


Thank you for replying! I am totally a rookie here are you able to provide me some sample workflow.xaml? I tried doing but still unsure about the variable etc.

You can put the entire sequence that needs to be re-executed in case of failure inside a Retry Scope activity.
Then put the entire sequence inside a try catch activity.
In the catch- refresh the browser.

Please refer to the attached workflow. Main.xaml (9.3 KB)

Hi @Ganga_Bharani ! Thanks for replying! I will try it out soon!

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What is element LI? As i cant view the image

It is just a sample. You can fill it in with any element. Also the selectors are intact. You can try running it.