How to redirect a url from drop down?


I’m very new to UiPath development I have requirement when we run work flow a pop need to ask select from drop down then user need select google from dropdown list and automatically open a browser and redirect to

  1. Pop up to select from dropdown
  2. User selects google
  3. Open browser
  4. Redirect to

Please help me to learn. Thank in advance…!

@ramesh_kola Attached file meets your requirement

DropDown.xaml (6.6 KB)

@indra Hi Sir,

the file is nearly matched my requirement. but I need Names as Google or Yahoo in drop down instead of url’s

once i select google from drop down it should go to after that i need to search for weather in newyork city

See this -

DropDown.xaml (7.5 KB)


@PrankurJoshi @indra

Instead of dropdown How can I read the input from excel

in Excel

first bot select the google and open and close the tab
again 2nd iteration bot select facebook and open and close the tab.

and is there any way to give input from user for typeinto activity? Thanks in advance.!

You can use input dialog activity if you want a user to input something and on the basis of that you can modify your workflow

Hi @PrankurJoshi

I want to hide browser operations.
I used Hidden from properties panel for Open browser activity upto here it working fine.

I used switch to navigate to from drop down when it is navigate to again browser is opening. I want to hide those operations too Please help me