How to read newly updated data in excel sheet

hi friends,
let me explain my whole overview. i am trying to make a bot that goes into multiple pdf files, and extracts data from them and writes it in a excel file. It does this everytime it gets a new pdf file through email trigger. so the excel sheet is always getting updated with new data along side keeping the old data. After that it takes all the data and goes into a web application to create a user account. My question is how can i make the bot only make new user accounts for new data entries in the excel sheet that has old data ( users that already are made). i dont want to make double users. Please help me out.


Add one extra column named Status at the end. If data is successfully updated into web application then update it’s status as Successful else failed.

And then each run check status column value - If it is contains successful then skip it else update the data into web application.

Hi @Shazid_Rahman ,

You can follow the approach that @lakshman has mentioned.

Alternatively, Whenever robot extracts new file, you can make robot to add required details to orchestrator queue for further processing.

So that every time robot gets new user details for account creation.

Note: For this approach you need UiPath Orchestrator setup with queue access in your network.

You can create user account after reading PDF. Then append data to Excel file.