Upload Excel file for data analysis

Every month I have to have to take an excel sheet and analyse the data. currently I have created RPA that creates the needed pivot tables but at the moment the robot is built to work off of one static file (specified in the “Use excel file resource”) . How can I make it that so next month when i need to do the same process the robot completes the process off of my new data?

I was hoping there was some potential user input where I can select the file and it does all the automation on it.

Hello @oliver.matschy

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You can do run that bot at the start of every month using orchestrator=>triggers.

Where you can schedule to run the bot automatically every month.

platform.uipath.com is the link to orchestrator, from the triggers tab within orchestrator you can choose the time you wish to run the bot automatically

But first you would have to configure your bot in orchestrator, let me know if you need any help with that .Thanks, Zahid

Hi, Thankyou for the response. good to know it can be scheduled!

my main issue here though is that every month i’ll need to update the bot by placing in the most recent copy of the document as i get a new one each month.

Whats a good solution for this issue? just editing the file used in the bot each month? or can i add some user input to my bot where the user uploads the doc every time the bot is ran


There is version controlling within the orchestrator, which keeps track of all the changes you make to you bot using UiPath Studio.

Before the start of the month, You can publish an updated bot with the new changes to accept the latest copy of the document.

Using version Management you can even switch back to the previous bot(like in your case a month old one)

If you have the document as a text,excel or pdf format, I would recommend you to manually replace the file (least priority)
have the file send to your email as an attachment and have a separate bot to read the attachment from your email
have the old file override the new file with a bot to do that(location can be local drive or a shared drive)