How to read indivual textbox value from webpage?



Hi, Here I am opening SAP application in webpage. I need to read particular text value from some fields. (not grid)
Like Name, Number, Price etc. I am not able to find out any tutorial where it is giving idea, how to read textbox values, checkbox values from web form application.

Any help appreciated.

Suman Sardar



You can use Screen Scrapping to read Text Box Values.



Hi Santan, Thanks for your reply.
I am trying from morning but not able to capture the desired text box value. I am new to the UiPath. Not getting any video or tutorial how to capture web form data to read value from the text box.


The might be due to Selector issue.

Alternatively you can use, send hot key and copy selected text activity.


You can try the Get Text or Get Attribute (with text or value as attribute) activities. Then, use a string variable to store what text you retrieve in the output parameter of the activity, and you can output the variable using Write Line or Message Box to verify that it is working.

If there are selector issues then open UiExplorer which is on the menu bar in Studio. This will allow you to check the validity of the element and make adjustments to the selector to provide more reliable results. Then, you can copy/paste over the new selector to your activity.



Thank you Santan and ClaytonM.

Please see the screen below. I am not getting the individual text box as a element. Whole selection is coming as one image. GetText is ok if it treat as element. Even when I am using OCR for screen scraping, it is not able to get the value properly.

In the attached screen, I need to capture value from the fields like IDOC Number, Status, Basic Type, etc. from the TypeInfo tab.

I think now my problem properly described here.



Hi @sumansardar ,

Check this out .

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Nithin Prabhu