Unable to find any screen scraping tool in StudioX for my specific purpose to get 1 value :(

Hi, my objective is to copy the value of 1 specific field in SAP (yellow highlight) - the total value of all orders consumed i.e. $3,880,841.16, and then paste it into an excel sheet.

The problem is that the traditional [get text] action does work because this particular field CANNOT be copied. A human selecting this field can only select the odd “,” or “$” symbol without getting the entire number. Using the get text function will result in an incorrect number being pasted in the excel sheet, thus it is not reliable.

I have heard of a Screen Scraping function in the design ribbon, however I am unable to find this particular function in my uipath studiox version as seen below:

My studioX version is 2020.10.6 Enterprise License Window Installer.

I have attempted to use the Table Extraction function in the design ribbon, however this gives me all the information of the ENTIRE table of various rows, without actually giving me the particular cell that I want ~ the total value:

Must I literally create a new excel table, and then use a formula to total it up, then get the robot to reference THAT table, to get that field I need?

is there a workaround to get the screen scraping tool working on my version of uipath studioX?

Thank you!

@Chaaza You cannot find Screen Scraping since you are using StudioX. But if you enable classic design where you can get Screen Scraping activities. Without disturbing your code you can simply enable this in the activities pane. Please follow the below steps to get that

  • Go to your activities in the left pane
  • Click on the filter option at the top, there you can see Show Classic, check this
  • Now, search for Screen Scraping, you can find related activites


they merge all the extract activities into this table extraction

you might use this instead the old. Kindly give a try with that selecting the total value


Hi Ushu,

Thanks for the quick reply, but as can be seen from my screenshot in the activities panel, there is no “filter” key to configure in order to enable this "show classic"option. Reminder: I am using StudioX.

Yes I have tried that method, but the table extracted DID NOT extract the total value at the very bottom of the SAP screen; so there is no total value to choose from :frowning:

@Chaaza Did you try with Get OCR Text

Also, are you using Modern or Classic Design. To get to know this

  • Right Click on your project
  • Go to Project Settings
  • Check is Modern exp enabled

So you can simply use a get text activity, and make the selector dynamic, regards