How to read Excel file with pre applied filters

Lets say…we received a email…with excel file attached to it

then automation is to save that excel, read it & do some task on it.

But here’s the issue

lets say…the sender has initially applied some filters on that excel to hide certain datas (which is required…as we dont need those data at this moment) & has sent that in e-mail to us

so how can i we read that excel file…with those filters pre applied??

so that , only selected data will only be visible, in uipath studio… so we can further work on those data

Please Guide me


Could you please try with use filter option in read range activity to read the only filter data from the Excel so that we can store it in datatable and use it later. Usefilter is check box in the readrange activity by default is unchecked I guess. Please try.


Hello @Jiban_Kumar_Das ,

You shall

  1. use the Excel Read range Activity within the Excel application scope and
  2. check the USE FILTER property in the read range activity.

This will return your expected Data table.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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usually when using read range activity it just reads the data completely even though filter is applied with the excel file and that’s because the UseFilter property is disabled in read range

Enable it and try
It will read only the filtered data

Cheers @Jiban_Kumar_Das

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