Remove filters from excel file

I have an excel in which I must collect all the data but this excel sometimes comes with filters applied, also when collecting the information with the “Read Range” activity does it read the data even if it does not appear in that list visually?

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Hi @Nicollebro ,
Read range have property
You can select if have filter
“Use Filter”

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Read range reads all data by default (of the selected range) , regardless of filter.
There is an option: use filters which will allow you to respect the potentially active filters.

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Read Range works with Filter applied sheets but it will not work for Write Range.

For write range you have to remove filter first.

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Usually when you read from READ RANGE it doesn’t take the filter applied in excel
It reads the complete records

For reference from UiPath docs

Hope this clarifies

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Hello @Nicollebro ,
You can clear the filter using Excel Moder activities and can read using it.
Use Filter activity and enable the Clear any Existing Filter option

If you are a Classic user, try this to access Modern activity.

  • In activity pannel Click Filter Option.
  • Enable the Modern Option
  • Now can search for Moden excel activities
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Read range in excel activitues has an option to use filters if needed cna use it else it will read all the data

Alternately read range workbook can be used


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