Read only filtered excel data

Hi friends

I will get excel in filtered format through email.
I have to read only the filtered data.

when i use read range its taking all values,including hidden values.
do you have any idea.

i have read only the below. Filtered format.

but read range is reading all hidden values.


i cant filter data table after reading the file, because i dont know the filtering conditons.
only sender knows it, so he ll filter it in excel and send it to me.

ReadRange activity has UseFilter option…


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For this kind of cases, I’m used to work with Excel Application Scope with a Invoke VBA inside. And I’m using VBA code to extract my filtered Data.

But with UiPath you can Read Range to get all the content and then use a Filter Data Table to remove the lines that you don’t want.

Both work, it just depends how you are fine with VBA :slight_smile: Enjoy !!

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Hi thanks, could you send me the VBA code , to read and put into data table.

I cant use read range all and filter because i dont know the filter condition, only sender knows it.

To use the filter on the 2nd column with a value at SomeStringValue or Empty :
ActiveSheet.Range(rowColRange).AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:= "=SomeStringValue", Operator:=xlOr, Criteria2:="="with rowColRange as your selected range.

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For the datatable type, just create a Table : Dim SomeTableName() As String
If you are not used to VBA please refer to the documentation.

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