How to read a value from webtable at run time


Im trying to automate this in uipath. im new to uipath.based on a search , say i want to pick all the tasks which are in ready status from the attached pic table. i want to know how to do this through uipath. how to read only the values of column1(task nbr) by everyrow and export into excel. please help. tried data scraping and table extract , it extract only one row value of the table. i want to extact all the row values which are in ready status.Please help me in solution. this is grid.

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we would recomend to retrieve the data / all data with datascraping:

  • option 1: entire datatable
  • customized scraping

once it is retrieved into a datatable the rows can be filtered with e.g. filter datatable

the result can be written to EXCEL with write range

To get datascaping working as expected on the begin sometimes several configuration attempts are to do. With upcoming practice the configuration task suceeds mostly on the first run.

How to do the configuration Setup for scraping. Bcox when I do scraping ,I’m just getting only one row of data. I did the same way as shown in uipath academy videos

Hi @srividhya.r
when u select any cell are u able to extract the whole table?

check within UiExplorer / Webtools (Browser F12) if the presented table is a webdatatable (html tag: table or combination of divs).

In case of datascrapping is not finding all datarows a deeper analysis is to do. As we cannot know the details to the uielement structure we can only give hints on analysis activites.

Though there are two rows in table as per previous screenshot. but when doing data scraping, it extract only one row not the whole table.if i click on first row of any cell, it extract first row data, same way it does for second row of data

let us clear first the application type:

  • web/browser
  • desktop application (application name?)

web application