How To pull Pointer From 0-15%

Hai Every One Please Help Me This Issue,

I Want Pull This Pointer 0-15% Click Activity Here Is Not working Only Pull Pointer From 0 To 15 How should i do,I attached File please check it

Hi @Shiva_Kumar1 ,
It depends on the website you are trying this one. Some websites have an event listener on the mouse events and only allow change of values via mouse.

If this website allows direct manipulation of the slider via theelement attribute,
then you can get the slider value and set the slider value.

You can use Get Web Attribute activity to get the value of the slider. Later you can set the value of the same attribute. I think it is called Set Web Attribute activity.

The modern experience within studio might have other activities to do this as well.

I suggest you also share the website here so that the forum members can test it out.

If these easier approachs do not work then you can use Inject Javascript activity to change the value of the slider via Javascript.

Screenshot (47)
How Should I Give Attribute ,Value

By the way this post is a duplicate of : I need to drag an Blue line

Hi @Shiva_Kumar1 ,

You can refer the answer to your question here : I need to drag an Blue line - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

If this worked for you remember to close this thread as this is a clear duplicate post.