I have slide

i have a slide thing… salary… this is not a always same… salary is changes from person to person … i have to dynamic this how can i do

this is website:RPA in Practice 2020 Challange
Screenshot 2023-05-15 124010

Hi @katta_nikhil

The following resource might help you with this concept:

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Hi @katta_nikhil ,
You can try this. How to Drag a Slider Control in Browser to a specific value in UiPath Learner - YouTube


One of the easiest ways is to use InjectJsScript as the following.

set value at Parameter, then

"function(e,v) {e.value=v;
let evt = new Event('change');

Sample20230515-6Lv2.zip (5.8 KB)

Edit : add code to fire event.



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You can just use set attribute activity and set the value attribute to required number