I need to drag an Blue line


I need to Drag an Blue line to make it as 15% as you can see i Screenshots, Click activity will not work. if i use click Activity it will select All.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @manipreethi410,

Use click activity and open the selector n uiexplorer and check aaname value is 100% change it to 15%. By tweaking your selector you should be able to select 15%.

@manjula_rajendran click will not work for this particular scenario i tried that, even manually also click will not work only drag will work.

Hi @manipreethi410 , is it possible to share the website url?

no, sorry.

is there any way we can drag a point, only click image and cv click will work.

@manipreethi410 Is this web or windows based application?

web based application SAP,.

@manipreethi410 Can you share the selector? if possible please follow the below steps

  • Manually drag the option to any value(eg:15)
  • Use Ui Explorer to indicate on that element
  • Share the selector

Hi @manipreethi410,

I am not sure if this some competition which you are participating in. But a duplicate question was asked by @Shiva_Kumar1 here : How To pull Pointer From 0-15% - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

@Shiva_Kumar1 : Duplicates of same question is not recommended practice in any forum

This is easily doable with Get Web Attribute and Set Web Attribute. All you need to know is the element ID which needs to be editted.


As all said, just test selector part and see which value is changing there

Like I would recommend to click on small area near thr pointer which we drag along the blue line where we can find some attribute which we can tune

Just try it around let us know if u faced any issues around :blush:

Hi @manipreethi410 and @Shiva_Kumar1,

Here I use the modern expierence in UiPath studio but you can use the older way of browser automation as well.

As an example slider I use this website : How To Create Range Sliders

In this case the selector attribute which need to be changed is "value". In your case you have to find out which attributes need to set.

The round slider changes from 50 to 75.

Sample xaml file : ChangeSliderValue.xaml (11.0 KB)

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Try to execute the below code using Inject JS Script activity


this is the selector.

this is the selector which i got form the UI.


Can you try to execute the below code in browser console? if it is work then you have to use Inject JS script to execute the same



You have the value variable in you innerhtml or “innertext” (which shows 00100) attribute. So you will have to first get the attribute value using Get Attribute then use string manipulation to manipulate the value (usually html sliders are made in percentages).
Then use the manipulated string and use Set Web Attribute. In the value you pass the manipulated string.

Getting this error after using this code.

@manipreethi410 For executing the js script we need reference of SAP so it will not work

Try this idea

  • Click on the slider (circle)
  • Then use send hot key to move it on the right by using right arrow key with number of times
    Use below code to repeat multiple times

String.Join("", Enumerable.Repeat("[k(right)]",15))

HI @manipreethi410

I was able to reproduce it in SAP demo environment, on this page SAPUI5 SDK - Demo Kit

I am moving the slider without any issues with this approach:

it is a simple click with Offset in X, then it will click on the place you want.

Please let me know, if it works for you?

Best regards, Lev

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