How to Process only newer data from excel

Hello Guys !!

I need your help for one Sequence of my Project,
I would like to use one Excel file to load my process, but I want to use only news rows that have just arrived on the Excel file and not the old ones.

so I want my robot to process those new data only
then in the end, it should write ,how many new data rows been added , from its last time

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi @Jiban_Stars

During the first run get the row count and store it on the notepad or something else.

And during the second run read that text file with the count and give read range from that count
For eg : we have about 10 lines in 1st run and it will be stored in notepad
in Second run Give the range as A+ReadTextFileVar and process and at the end also take that and store it in the same location where you stored like NewCount+Oldcount

Hope this helps


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