How to Adding data into the existing excel file

Hi, guys! So I am facing an issue here and would appreciate if you could help. My task is to build a robot, that will run once a day and add data into the same excel file. The problem is, I don’t know how to write a range that way. Do you have any suggestions?
P.S So the robot must write new data from the last empty field in the excel file.

  1. You wanted to write all the data to the same excel sheet or can be written in different sheet?
  2. If writing it in same sheet over write can be allowed or just appending the particular value is allowed.

Hey, @KotaroKo
use Add Data Row inside a For Each Row activity and pass your data in array row like this {yourVariable}
and give DataTable use write range after For Each Loop

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It must be on the same sheet. I don’t want to overwrite the existing data. For example: if the data in the excel file ends on the A10 cell, it must start writing new data from A11 cell. How should I do this?

method 1 :
1 ) Read the excel first
2) Get the range with the help of row count
3) Do you manipulation and have it stored in DT
4) Use Write Range and pass the range+1 as per step 2

Method 2:

  1. Do you manipulation and have it stored in DT
  2. Use Append Range and pass the DT
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Hi @KotaroKo

You can use AppendRange activity for appending the data.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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@karthick, @Pradeep_Shiv, @Arvind21 Thank you Guys so much! I will try and let you know.

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