Throwing Business Rule Exception in ReFrame

Hi there, I created a automation using the ReFramke. Problem is the transaction does not stop after throwing the exception. The Sequences and Clicks after the exception will still be processed.

Any leads?


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Hi @Niko_Don-Ho ,
if you want the process to stop after business exception then add a terminate workflow activity.
Or else
use an exception flag as a boolean value if it is β€œYes” then direct to end process scope in RE-Framework.

thanks & Regards.
Shubham Dutta

Hello @Niko_Don-Ho ,

You might have catched that exception some where due to that your code is still running after the exception.

Make sure to throw the business exception using the throw activity and that exception will be caught only in the Process State, where the Process.xaml have been invoked in the try block.


I want to skip the current item in the quque and start the next one

can you upload your project as a .zip here? can please share screenshot showing us where you are throwing the business exception

Hello @Niko_Don-Ho - Can you share a screenshot on how you are trying to throw a business exception

So it looks like this. In side those Workflows, for example the first one I am looking for a Element. If the element does not exist, I am throwing a Bussines Rule Exception.


The Problem is, it does not stop after workflow 1, and tries to do workflow 2.

expand this part and add a rethrow activity here

can you explain the logic behind, rethrowing the exception again?

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you need to rethrow it so that it reaches the catch statement in reframework, or else it doesnt work

same applies to all system/business exception - rethrow them so that it can be caught by the reframework

because if you dont rethrow, then reframework doesnt know its an exception, hence transaction doesnt stop

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