How to identify the unstable element

After performing some actions, I will move to the above page, which is mentioned in image. When i tried to click the download symbol, it’s disappear. When i hover the icon, it appear. I couldn’t download the pdf file.

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I would recommand you to try with send hotkeys activity (move with tabs and use enter to dowload). :slight_smile:
Enjoy !!

Yeah, I tried the send hot key to download the pdf. But it downloaded the web page element file.

The element is validated, but it’s highlighting the wrong position and doesn’t click the download icon.

@qbss Which Browser are you using ?

Use relative click, else use on hover activity and then use clock without providing any selector…


chrome browser

@qbss I guess Silverlight Extension needs to be Installed

what is the use of silver light?

@qbss Siver Light Applications are another way to open up PDF 's in Browser, If you’re Cusing Chrome i Guess Silverlight Extension needs to be installed, For IE it is not needed.

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Silver Light Extension Enabled. next what i need to do to handle that?

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@qbss Try Clicking on Download Option in the PDF you get , and Check if it Downloads

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