Robot access wrong field

I have this robot that issues tickets in a single page web application and for each new ticket the field IDs in the ticket dialog changes. I can use the UI Explorer to determine how to identify the different fields even if I have to remove some of the identifiers that is proposed. So I put this in the robot and when the robot runs it correctly identifies the first field and type into that field. But then it types the second text into that same field.

So in short, there are 2 fields on the dialog but during run (as well as debug) the robot is not finding the second field so it puts the value for the second filed in the first field.

The identifier for the first field is:
For the second field the identifier is:

Very similar, but the first has ‘size’ in the name and the second has ‘limit’ in the name. I have a number parameter since every new dialog is a a new one and the number is the next number. There are 2 wild cards because they have different numbers in different sessions.


Hi @Timid,
I think the problem here is that your selectors looks identical. You need to set both to be unique and be sure that each time web application is being opened those will strictly go to the right elements.
More information about selectors here:

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Robotic process automation always being hard on Sing Page Applications. Some selectors may be valid for the another objects. Like @Pablito said there might be some selectors that identical. So you need to unique selectors.

To do that; You can indicate an anchor that place around your object. You can get some fixed labels reference.

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