How to perform Data Scrapping when HTML elements are Dynamic?

Hi All,

I have a structured data, but the HTML elements are Dynamic. It get changed everytime.

Below is the sample ExtractedMedatadata attribute from UiPath Property:

Day - 1

Day - 2

Please let me know how to handle this scenario.


Could you navigate to Selectors ->click on attach live element .
Please let me know does this works or not?


There is a possible solution for your problem. You could identify the elements that give those dynamic field using other stable attributes, use a Get Attribute activity to identify the values of “class” attribute and then change directly in the metadata based on the values returned by the Activity. I have attached a workflow that I used to test this method on Amazon.

Another option (and in your case it might be more easy to do) is to just create your own reading steps using Get Text Activity and iterating though the indexes.
Hope this helpsDynamicWebScrape.xaml (9.4 KB)


Your attribute seems to have a typo in get attribute class’ (single quote after class) in the attached example. I may be wrong