Extract Structured Data - dynamic extract metadata

Is there a way to have dynamic extract meta data. From the below is there a way for the <webctrl tag=‘td’ idx=‘3’ /" “3” to be more dynamic and always scans for the last possible index available.

row exact=‘1’
<webctrl tag=‘tr’ /
<column exact=‘1’ name=‘PaymentDate’ attr=‘text’
<webctrl tag=‘tr’ /
<webctrl tag=‘td’ idx=‘1’ /
<column exact=‘1’ name=‘TypeOfPayment’ attr=‘text’
<webctrl tag=‘tr’ /
<webctrl tag=‘td’ idx=‘2’ /
<column exact=‘1’ name=‘ScheduledPaymentAmounts’ attr=‘text’
<webctrl tag=‘tr’ /
<webctrl tag=‘td’ idx=‘3’ /

are you working with classic or modern design?

I’m working with Classic

then creating the extract XML by XML Processing options by using a template and get triggered by an array could be an option. The result can be passed as variable to the activity property.

Any reasons for not extracting the fill datatable and postprocess afterwards?

Apologies Peter still quite new to ui path. i’m not to sure what the above means

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