Selector issue while data scrapping

I scrapp data from website having lot of pages but selector of each page is different so how can I change it to dynamic
selector only contains tag and id but I want class
plz help me

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Hi @Sushant_Chanakhekar
Good day!

Have you already tried using Ui Explorer?

Then you may try browsing this thread:

It contains a link that will redirect you to a sample workflow that uses dynamic selectors:

It contains a link to

Thanks and regards :slight_smile:

Hii @Jan_Brian_Despi
I have use uiexplorer but it doesn’t contains class it contains aaname,css,etc
so it is difficult to make it dynamic

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Hi buddy @Sushant_Chanakhekar

If possible can i see the uiexplorer screen buddy


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Hi @Sushant_Chanakhekar,
Please show example of your UiExplorer data. It might be helpful. Additionally remember that you can also use variables in selectors to make them even more dynamic :wink:

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Buddy @Sushant_Chanakhekar

Click the visual tree and property tree to check if there is any node with the class attribute before or after this element. You would get there buddy