Extract structured data for dynamic HTML elements data scraping not working

Hi All,

I have a structured data, but the HTML elements are Dynamic. It get changed everytime.

Below is the sample ExtractedMedatadata attribute from UiPath Property:


Now I used get attribute property to get classes at various levels and assigned them to a variable that is working properly as thw write line output shows that the classes have been extracted, the next part is the problem. When I try to use extract structured data activity and input the metadata with the variables, it does not extract the relevant data, I used the following code in extract structured data activity:


The above code is not able to extract the data required although I have included all the classes. Any help on the above will be appreciated.

So I found the solution, we need to pass meta data into a string variable by using assign activity and then use the variable in the extract structured data activity in metadata. It works refer the post below

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