How to perform click on windows startup menu


I want to perform click on the open searched from the Windows StartUp Menu. Is it possible to do so. I have already tried using click activity but it is not able to identify the region on the start menu, rather it is able identify the rest of the desktop Region.

Below is the screenshot where i want to perform click option:

Thanks In Advance!


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Hi @shubhammahajan305

Use send hot key win+r and then search what do you want.


Kommi Jeevan.

instead of choosing the application from start menu we with send hot key or click activity we can directly use OPEN APPLICATION ACTIVITY or START PROCESS activity Where in the Filename property we can mention the exe file path of that application so that it will open them up

For more details

Cheers @shubhammahajan305

Hi @kommijeevan,

thank you for the suggestion. I am already using this as an alternative. however i wanted to know can we also accomplish the same from windows start menu?

Thanks a lot mate for taking the initiative for replying.
However my doubt is that can we also accomplish the same output by going through with strat menu options. If yes, then how?

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Yes of course
Once after clicking on the start menu
Use type into activity and type the application name in the search bar
—then along with the input string in type into activity mention this
And enable sendwindowmessage property and disable simulate type property
So that it will search for the application and will click enter automatically and takes your to the application

But i would prefer for Open application or Start process activity which is easy to work with

Cheers @shubhammahajan305

Hey @Palaniyappan,

Sorry i am new to UI path, are you suggesting me to add the way i am adding the string value in the blow screenshot.because some validation message is coming

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And also i want to perform right click option menu(also flexible with keyboard type to attain same right click functionality)

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Yah before [k(enter)] put a double quotes
Let’s do one thing
Just mention the string alone within double quotes
And click on the plus symbol aside to the input field in the activity
There we will be getting a list of hotkeys that can be used
Choose enter from that and it ei automatically set the input string with hot key
Also ensure that sendwindowmessage property is enabled and simulate type property is disabled

Cheers @shubhammahajan305

i am able to access the application with enter, however i am not able to perform right click(shortcut from keyboard ‘shift+f10’) as hotkey

may i know why do we need to right click on that application
are we going to open multiple application from the start menu

Cheers @shubhammahajan305

hi @Palaniyappan

just for the knowledge purpose i opened this concern. As i can perform right click activity anywhere on the desktop. but can’t on windows menu. I just wanted to know if it could be done.
As i already told you I am still in learning stage, i just did not want to have any doubts while learning.

Thanks for your patience and support till now

cheers mate :slightly_smiling_face:

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appreciating your interest…buddy
but i was wondering like why do we need to right click on a application from start…thats why i asked

we can perform right click with normal CLICK IMAGE ACTIVITY itself where we can choose the option BTN_RIGHT in mousebutton option

where with CLICK IMAGE we can choose the icon or image of the application text so that it will click on that icon with right button
as it is not that feasible i suggested to go for open application or start process or even with cmd prompt it would fine

happy learning

Cheers @shubhammahajan305


thanks a lot for all your advise and patience @Palaniyappan
really appreciate you help :slightly_smiling_face:


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