How to click an image using send hot key

i need to click on a image(search button ) in active directory it is not working with click or click image activities is there any other alternative to perform this action.please help me out.thank you in advanceerror

Where you are doing this operation, in a website or desktop???..
You can use tab+Enter in send hotkey activity to click on the search button…


Are you able to identify that search element or not with Click and Click Image Activity ?


If you need to click that using Send Hotkey then try sending key as a space " " .

Then it will be pressed, but for that also you need to highlight/hover the image with your mouse.



Ok. Is there any shortcut to click on that in the application ?

If yes then use Send Hotkey Activity and pass that shortcut to click it. Else once give it a try with Computer Vision activities and sure it will identify those elements.

We can try with send hot key activity with key as tab and use n number of send hot key activity with key as tab until it reaches the field we want
And once after reaching use a final send hot key with key as enter

Try with computer vision activities

Cheers @sruthi_gunji