How to paste a row item?

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I am new in the UiPath Community and i am doing my best to learn a lot of things from this incredible software.

I have a question for you guys ; i’d like to know if it is possible to “copy/paste” a row item in datatable to another application like Windows Explorer or Outlook for send a mail ?

I think i have to use Get row item but what is the next step to “paste” it in another application ?

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No, you don’t copy/paste. You’d have to For Each through the datatable and concatenate everything into a string, then use the string to write to other places. And Get Row Item is pointless. Just reference it directly ie row.Item(“columnname”).ToString

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as @postwick said we dont copy or paste the data, it is a littlebit more complex, first you have to loop through your DataTable and start getting the values from each column. in case you know where is your value you can simply use the read cell activity and get the value as String, then use type into activity. You can support from the academy courses also from here


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@6joko9 You can’t copy directly from the data table to another application. For simple understanding, the value retrieved from the data table has to store in a variable. Then this variable can pass to other applications

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