Copy from Excel and Paste in Application


I am copying the values from a column in excel and directly pasting in the application. PFB screenshot of excel values copied and pasted in application.


Please let me know how to achieve this in Uipath. I’m storing the excel in a datatable, not sure how to proceed after this

Hello @aishwarya1

You can convert Datatable to String using Output Datatable activity.
Then try to use Typeinto your application.

Hi @aishwarya1 ,

As you are storing the excel data in datatable , you can use for each row activity and loop through each of the values.
And then use type into to add the values into the necessary boxes in your application

Hi @aishwarya1,

1.Convert this row to a listarray
(From row in dt.AsEnumerable() select convert.ToString(row(“Code”))).tolist()
2.use set to clipboard activity with input text as string.Join(environment.NewLine.ToCharArray,listArray)
3.Use send hotkey Ctrl+P for pasting.

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