How to paste Get Row item output in an separate excel sheet

I have two excel sheets with one similar column(“Project Code”).
Try to compare both by For Each Row.
Get Only required cell values by Get Row Item Activity.
Now, i want to paste the each Get row item in new Excel sheet, what is the best and easy way? as i’m new bee to uipath. please help.

You should take the free training on UiPath’s web site. It will cover these kind of things.

You don’t paste to a spreadsheet, you write to it with Excel or Workbook activities.

thank you for your reply, i did training, it covers basic stuff and different when working in project,
I want to paste in excel, which activity should i use and steps to follow ?


  1. First create one DataTable using Build DataTable activity and mention all required columns you want in output file.

  2. And then use Add DataRow activity and pass output of Get Row Item activity under DataRow field and also pass output DataTable name.

  3. Post iterating all the rows use Write Range activity and pass output DataTable to write into Excel file.

thank you lakshman

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