Copy and paste rows from a datatable one by one

Hi UIPath friends,

I’m very stucked in here,

I’m trying to “copy” a value from a datatable and “paste” this in a Input text in a web page, but no sucess :cry:

Here is my datatable sample:

Rio de Janeiro
São Paulo
Minas Gerais

I get this values from from a SQL query to this datatable, and I want to “paste” each value on this web page one by one

I’m using “For each row” I don’t know if is this correct way but, every time the value is pasted, they put the whole values in the textbox like this:


My intention with this is to

  1. “Copy” the value,
  2. “Paste” it in the textbox
  3. Click in a send button
  4. Go to Step 1 again and reapeat steps 'til end the datatable

Any clue how to solve it?


Hi @dinizb
Do you have in For each row only copy and paste, or also you have added the other consecutive activities?

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I think you haven’t placed the click send button inside the for each row loop .

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Thanks! That was solved my problem

Thank you very much!!



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