How to pass variables or arguments to another project

I have argument/variable in project X and I want to pass it to project Y
Can I do that using UiPath ?



First set argument in Main.xaml of Callee project. (Let’s say in_argAnotherProcess)
Then In Caller project, use InvokeProcess with argument as the following image.


Hi @mironb

You can able to pass the arguments within the two xaml’s in the Same Project by using Invoke workflow activity.
Cannot able to access out of the Project/Process

Hope it helps!!

You can use the arguments pane at the bottom of the screen and when invoked into another workflow you can store variables in the arguments

It can be used when project X get the argument as a dynamic one ?
And I didn’t understand how to implement the name of the First project name in the “Invoke process” of the 2nd project - just type the name in quotation marks ?

So if I understood you correctly, it’s not possible what I want to do, right?

Yes @mironb

You got it right?

I didn’t understand exactly what you meant

It is explained better in the comment by @Yoichi

Yes. Can you try the following sample?

Callee Task

Then publish and have it enable to run (If necessary, create process in Orchestrator)

Caller Task

If run, we can pass strMessage to Callee process (and show messagebox)

Samples: (51.1 KB) (49.6 KB)



When I tried to publish the callee :


The above sample is for StudioX
Can you try the following sample for Studio? (2.2 KB) (2.2 KB)


Hi @Yoichi
I Published the “CalleeProcess”
When I am trying to run the “CallerProcess” I got this message