Passing Arguments from One process to another

I have one process built that finds cell values in an excel and stores them in a variable. I have a second process (the main process) that does a lot of work to manipulate a PDF to create a .txt .

Both process’ run fine and I can see the output for the cell values in my first process. I use an invoke workflow file in the main process and I am trying to import arguments. I’ve made an argument in the 1st process and when i pull it into the 2nd, it shows up with nothing there. Not entirely sure how to handle.

1st process:

2nd Process (main): the name of the argument doesn’t show in the value space

ok so you want to access the “NYInterest” argument declared inside “GetAmortizationSchedule.xaml” in your main xaml , am i correct?

So you cant access the same variable/arguments defined inside the second workflow from the main one , inorder to get that you have to create a new variable in your main part and in that invode workflow arguments value section pass this new variable name

so lets say you define a variable “abc” of string type , then you have to pass this “abc” in value part of that invode workflow arguments, then it will store the value of “NYInterest” which was created inside 2nd workflow

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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first of all, you are passing the NYInterestA argument from GetAmortizacionSchedule.xaml to the main process, so your argument should be just Out not in/out. and in the main create a new variable and assing in the invoke argument panel, then you can receive it and use.


Thank you! It worked.

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