How to pass the test? Generate Yearly Report assignment

Hello Everyone

I complete the assignment “Generate Yearly Report” and its working. But when I try to upload to get the certification. It’s always making a 0/100%. I tried so many changes to pass the test but nothing is working for me.

This is my assignment result

And this is another screenshoot with my Update Work Item Result. I tried to change the comment to Upload with ID [UploadID] and still not working.


I hope you guys can help me with this. Im desesperated with this assignment


Hi @BananaPhone

are u facing the issue with the updation of workitem?

Firstable thanks for your quick answer

What are you meaning exactly? I think the problem is about this update workItem. The robots works fine but maybe the problem is about the data is not like the expected for the check validator. I make a lot of changes but i cant make even a 1 correct item.

I solved my issue. It was because of a wrong selector when I extract the ID data to update the work item. Now I have the 100% score of the assignment.

Thanks for reading!

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