Assignment 2 - Generate Yearly Report - The robot working fine and produces the required results-Submitted several times but the grade shows Failed

I have submitted the assignment 2 - Generate Yearly Report. It produces the required results. It downloaded monthly report of vendors and merge them to generate the yearly report. Once the yearly report is ready that is uploaded then the workitem is updated with uploaded ID.

Every thing is working fine in my system, however after submitting in UiPath it shows Failed.
I am confused what is the improvement I should take since I have no feedback about the robot execution.
Please help me if you have such an experience.


May this link help you.

Thank you.
Yes I have checked every thing.
I have cleared the first assignment.
This is about the second assignment "Generate Yearly Reports for Vendors ".
The same email should be used condition is proved by the first assignment.
For this second assignment, I have run the robot several times in my system before submitting.
You know very well that every run takes approximately 2 hours. Still I have executed 3 or 4 times.
Every time it works fine.

First time I developed with Crome Browser, because of the negative result, I developed with Internet Explorer.


Once again you can check in this conversation.

Thank you Sir,
I had already checked this conversation before sending the email.

I have already added the wait time at the appropriate place in the robot and it ran well capturing the required details.
I have no idea about the relationship in Set Transaction Status since there is no mentioning about this in PDD.


The Screen shots of the result is attached. Please look into this.

Generate Yearly Report Screen Shots.docx (379 KB)

As I am seeing this 11-08-2020 reports which you are processed kindly reset acme and again process the same then upload your assignment. Hope this will work.

Thank you for your response.
I have executed a new test dataset. In Academy no provision is provided for me to upload and submit the file. Once that is done, I will submit the assignment.


Thanks for all your assessment, however This time also I got the result as Failed.


Please someone help me to complete this assignment. I could not find what is to be done since the robot I have developed produces the required results and I have executed many more times. Every time it runs without error. But when I submit my assignment the result shows 0/100 in a minute or two.

I could not find any other feedback to correct in my robot. I have also attached the screen shots of the results in this chain of post.

Please help me clear this and enable me to move forward.

Today also I executed with another one dataset which has 17 open workitems of WI4.
Robot ran good and produced the required result.
However when I submitted the result is failed.
There is no feedback to understand the reason of the result.
It is going on and on.
I am fed up with the way of uipath academy giving the result without any valuable feedback.

It took all my quality time and made me so discouraged and sad.

Please check the score
If it is not 100, it will not pass

Yes I have got this kind of result every time I submitted the assignment.
My question is why the number of correct answers is 0, when in my system all answers are correct.
I ran many more times the correct results I have got, I also attached in one of my post the screen shots in this chain.
When the results are as per the PDD, on what basis the correct answers are 0?

I request UiPath academy to give us useful feedback when they give us the result.
Every time no feedback is given.

Finally I have got the assignment result as “Passed”. The updated id captured the first letter of the id generated, that is corrected.

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Congrats… :grinning:

How long does it take to get result for second project? It has been a while since I have submitted Assignment 2 but still in “progress” status.

I am unable to complete my 2nd RPA assignment i.e. generate Yearly Report. can anyone help to to provide the zip file of the completed assignment please…