Assignment 3 Scoring



Hi All,

I am on Assignment 3, Yearly report generation. Code is running good downloading all the data, creating yearly report. Once yearly report is generated its uploading and getting the ID and updating the comments with the Upload ID as specified.

After submitting for evaluation it gives me 60% and I am unable to proceed further in this.

Video Url:

Please help me in understanding what is that I am missing

Sri Harsha


Hello there,
unable to access url. :frowning:
Few queries:
Did you process all the relevant workitem (WI4) (check manually does all the W14 status =completed ) ?
make sure when you upload the unique id it shouldn’t have any white space in it.


Hi @ddpadil tried manually but no luck doesn’t work


so you mean to say all WI4 status set to complete?


Yeah all the status are set to complete. I identified a scenario there is a tax id same for two WIID. Both generates same yearly report and Upload ID. One WIID is evaluated as correct and other as failed. Tried manually uploading and updating the WIID after this sent for evaluation even then it failed. Breaking for this since 4 days not able find whats the miss


ok due to same tax id it failed in second transaction (that lead to less score).
I think it’s better you reset the data and run the code again and make sure you processed all the transaction .


I did multiple times evert time we are having duplicates. Transaction on code side doesnt fail, code is clossing in clean





I’ve watched your video( and this is what i’ve found: when you upload a work item, in Add Comments field, you have to write only the ID. Your comment is: “Uploaded with ID yourID”:

In the PDD it is stated:

Please tell us if this it is not clear enough. Would it help to modify it to “ID”?


Here it is which says to provide comments like this


Oh :frowning: i’ll let the Academy team know and keep you updated here. Thanks!


Hi @ovi

Was there any feedback from the academy team, I am still waiting to complete my Assignment 3

Sri Harsha


Yeah, checked with them and it’s correct Uploaded with ID XXXX


Ok can you please help me in understanding the issue in Assignment 3, flow looks good to me and also I have mentioned the scenarios in this post.If you can help this closes my Assignment 3


Hi @ovi

Can you please help in resolving this issue I am not able to clear the Level 3 Assignment 3. I don’t find any error in the flow, flow is closing clean and records are getting updated as expected you can see the same in the video but after evaluation it gives 60%. There are duplicate TAXID for each different WIID, evaluation passes for the first WIID with the same TaxID but fails for the second one. Your help in resolving this issue would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance


I am adding the comments as i shown in the image still i am getting result as 0 after uploading. Please help me out for the problem


Please resolve the problem we are also facing the same issue.


What is the meaning of this sentence i have seen in Generate_Yearly_Report_PDD file


Hi @ovi

I am following up on this since a week yet there was a very less response on this. Can you please help us understand what was the miss

Sri Harsha


Is there any update on this? I’m having a score of 0 and have tried checking the code and it seems ok.