Really can get Developer Certification with only experience in Advanced learning plan?



Hi everyone!
I really have chance get Certification in UiPath with only experience in Advanced learning plan if I don’t have experience in working to real project ?
Given your experience in get Certification


Hey Juliya,

you can Learn from Academy and Attend Test,



Hi Aditya,
I finished 3 main course but don’t sure that this enough for get Certification, possibly you advise that still need studying


Hi Juliya,

is that you want to know how to Get Advance level Certification?
if yes, then you need to clear,
1> Level 1 - Foundation Training
2> Level 2 - Orchestrator Training(any of the available version, best if you have latest release)
3> Level 3 - Advanced Training

you can Get Resources, video materials on Academy and from web
you can Download Certificate after clearing Each Level




I was writing about
Sorry if not exactly described the situation



Hi Juliya,

find the courses,
have you Registered on Uipath Academy?
you need to Register on Uipath Academy then you will get the Above page



I think we don’t understand each other

I was register in UiPath Academy
I finished this courses and get certifications:
Level 1 - Foundation Training - revamped
Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.2 Training
Level 3 - Advanced Training

Currently I learning UiPath - Solution Architect Training

Possibly I writen wrong because of i have low level of english

I was writing about Certificat in this theme




if you have finished Level 3 - Advanced Training, then you are certified RPA developer, Congratulations!!
you can Download your certificates




Thank you for your congratulations but RPA Developer Advanced Certification this not Certificate in Level 3 - Advanced Training

You had read information to this link?



Hi @Lieben

I think if you have completed those three training specially level 3 assignments then you can definitely crack Advanced Developer Certification. Go for it, All the best!

@aditya.prakash - I guess she is talking about this



Hi Prankur,

I think so, Help her to understand, actually I do not have idea of this certification
I also need to know about this



It is a paid certification which is free until 31st Dec 2018, please go through the thread you will get all the information.



Hi prankurjoshi

Yes, I writing about this Certification.
In forum I had seen message that 3 level in UiPath Academy little for geting this Certification
So I began doubt that can received this Certificat with my knowledge

Thank, I will try get this Certification


All the best!


Hi @PrankurJoshi
I think I know the source of confusion. My certification says “RPA Developer Certificate of Completion”. I took the theoretical and practical exams through the online RPA academy. There is misalignment of terms on UiPath documents if in fact these are the same. I saw somewhere write that the online academy is good but paying for an instructor in class and getting the “Advanced Certification” is better. This implied that the instructor training was advanced.

Please clarify if another exists. At the moment I would say I have a basic cert, but maybe I’m advanced. :wink:


Hi sir,
I have one question. RPA UI Path Advance certificate.
What are the Topics Covered By ParticalExam(Phase 2 ) and TheoryExam (Phase 1)
please give some blue print question model.


Hi sir,
I have one question. RPA UI Path Advance certificate.
What are the Topics Covered By ParticalExam(Phase 2 ) and TheoryExam (Phase 1)
please give some blue print question model.


Hi @Lieben, How did you get on with the Certification?
I was able to pass after completing the 3 levels of UiPath Developer training, though I do have previous experience of RPA through Blue Prism!

I would be interested in hearing how you performed.



Hi @ danh
I passed the exam in December. For me it turned out to be simple, and both tasks were completed the first time.
Most of my mistakes in the theoretical exam were in the first questions that were studied at Level 1 (since some of the details were forgotten)
I think the practical exam was easy for me, as I understood well in ReFramwork.


Hi @ kathiresan
The theoretical exam covers all 3 levels from the UiPath Academy.
Questions are similar to those in the academy, but they require a bit more thought and awareness of how it works.
To pass the practical exam, these 3 courses will also suffice. If you follow the best practice guidelines.