How to operate Chrome Browser using Chronium on Serverless robot?

Hi, folks.
I’m comminity edition user.
I tried operating Chrome browser with Serverless robot referring to the article below.

Orchestrator - Automation Cloud™ Robots - Serverless (

I created and ran a project that opens a google search site with Use Browser activity and enters a search keyword. Then, a dialog “Before you continue to Google” was displayed, and the search operation could not be performed successfully. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this situation?

I was able to solve this problem by implementing the tab key and enter key operations using a Type Into activity.

After that, I tried remote debugging in Studio. (134.5 KB) (789 Bytes)

What I didn’t understand when I tried this time was whether the screen resolution was fixed at 1139 x 911. I tried setting the Session settings in Robot Settings, but there was no change.

If you have any information regarding this matter please comment.

Use a “Check App State” to recognize the popup. If it appears, click on either of the buttons. After that continue with your flow.

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Thanks for your reply!
In a Windows environment, I didn’t know how to display this dialog, and I couldn’t use the Check App State activity because I didn’t know the selector value.


Try to clear all the data in vrowser and open to see if the pop up comes then you can handle

And for resolution you need to set login to console to false for resolution to take effect