Remote machine Google Chrome search tab --Help

Hello everyone,
I am using Enterprise version of uiPath and connected Remote Desktop using RemoteRuntime extension.
But somehow when i am trying to indicate the writing tab in remote system Chrome,it is giving the error,

"you cannot automate the internal browser or new tab error "

Please help.

can you confirm that you are using the attach browser activity ?

There are multiple thread for this issue, check if this resolved your error?

When i am trying TypeInto activity under attach browser , it is not selecting the writeTo area

of chrome,instead selecting whole browser.

I’ve got this behavior of remote desktop, when there was access right mismatch between UiPath runtime and Chrome

check in the remote desktop, if the chrome application and the UiPath remote Runtime is running with same access level, they should both be as normal logged in user

You can check the Elevated column in Details tab of task manager

If your chrome is running as admin (Elevated access) then you’ll have to run your remote runtime as admin too

In Remote system both are running with the same user, still getting the issue?
Any other suggestions?

Hi @Anjali_Rani ,

Please check:

Hope it helps!

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