How to open password protect pdf using Document Understanding Framework

How to read password protect file using Document Understanding Framework.
Currently, when i try to read such file then it throws System.Exception error at digitize document.

I understand that we can use read pdf activity for password protected pdf but i want to specifically use Document Understanding Framework.

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Hello @Harshit_Tanted1,

One approach would be:

  • remove password using the PDF activities package
  • process document through the DU framework on the file from which passwd protection has been removed
  • delete the passwd un-protected file at the end.

Hope this helps,


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Can you tell me which is that activity please
I dont see any remove password activity in PDF activities package

The activity is called “Manage PDF Password”.

But this doesnt give you option to remove password.Can you tell me how can i use this activity to remove pdf password

Just set the old password and don’t set anything for the new password fields.

Thanks for quick reply . I just checked it but getting error

Do you have the owner password?

Either way, we will study how we can handle this. Will add it to our roadmap.

Yes…I have the owner password but when i enter that in old owner password field in manage pdf password activity then it shows error message i mentioned above
I am keeping the new owner password field blank

are you sure it is not the user password, the one you have?