Pdf passwords decrypt

Hello Everyone I would like to know if any pdf has a password so can we get that password and decrypt or make it readable.
Also after that I want that pdf to move to some other folder and use same password to protect the pdf .

Please do let me know if this is possible

Hi @Chirag1991

If you want to read the pdf with any activity in UiPath like Read Pdf Text or Read Pdf with OCR activity. There is a field in the properties called password. You can pass the password in that field then it was able to read the pdf.

For any pdf activity in UiPath have the Password field to make it as usable and readable.

After moving to another folder you can change the password from old to new you can use the Manage PDF Password activity.

Hope it helps!!

No my query Is pdf will be password protected and I want to fetch that password and use the same password to move the pdf to different folder.

You are asking that how to get the password of protected pdf…? @Chirag1991

Yes how I can get that password

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