How to open folder

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I was about to use the uipath to open a folder and show it on screen and so I can perform my click activities to execute the program. Is there any way to do so?
My folder path is not show on the desktop screen therefore I can’t perform open application activities using indicate by screen.

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u can use the typeinto activity and write here your folder path,

there you go, uipath china , - YouTube
the video save the some folder and can open the folder sample video.


Hi, is that any other way like select folder activities to execute it directly? Cuz my project might be use by other user using different comp. But I found if I’m using activities that including indicate by screen there’ll be error read by other comp. Therefore is that any direct way to bring me to the folder path?

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first can you find this folder directory ? ,

Hi Dogebi,

Nope. That’s why I’m still finding my way.

maybe use the find folder

System.IO.GetPathRoot ? , i`ll try it.

if you know folder name you can use the System.IO.path.Getpathroot



Hi dogebi,

Alright. I’ll try it.
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Hi @yushinchan

Use start process activity pass your folder path and then use surround with try catch activity your folder will open.


Kommi Jeevan.

This link may help you,