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hello please could you help me , I want uipath to open folder and show it in the screen and then I can choose the files in side folder and make right click and so on… so now how to open folder for this path I need activity or something

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Use the “open application” activity . click on the folder to identify it . In the "Properties " panel , in the “Working Directory” option put the path of the folder between “”.


Hi @rabea_alhaj,

Try windows + R then using type into activity you can paste the location and press Enter button.



thank you it works I put the path in the argument between " "

You’re welcome . Mark it as solution so it will be easier for others to spot . Cheers

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I can not manage to make this work. When I try it I get the ‘Libraries’ folder open, but I can not manage to open the folder I want.

To be able to go to the folder I had to add a click to the field (the option clickBeforeTyping in the Type activity didn’t make a difference) and then type the path. Quite a lot of steps for a simple task. Why is ‘Open application’ not working? What am I doing wrong?



@selrac: I also faced same issue as you have faced and after lot of struggle finally i was able to find the solution.
Please enter the Folder name or file name path in “arguments” instead of “WorkingDirectory” as shown below in screenshot.
Also find the properties value as below for your help:
DisplayName: Open application ‘explorer.exe Data files’
Here Data Files is my folder name in F Drive
Arguments: “F:\UI Path\Data files\path.txt”
here path.txt is my file name which i want to open
FileName: “C:\Windows\explorer.exe”
WorkingDirectory: Keep it blank


Thanks @saurabh_keshari for the solution

Just to add that I had to disable the ‘title’ selector