How to Open and Save Projects in Studio X

I downloaded Studio X and started the first automation but didn’t finish it. I couldn’t see a way to save the file onto my desktop as there is no Save As option.

How do I open a robot without having to redownload and install Studio X every time I want to build something?

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Studio gets install locally in the Program Files (x86) folder.
“C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath\Studio”

Then, look for Studio.exe and run it.
I also suggest pinning the application to your taskbar, which then you can open your recent files by right clicking on it.

Once Studio is opened up, you can access your recent files also in the Open section:

Apologies if your version looks different.

Also, you can choose to save and move files around as you please, like if you want to save it on the Desktop or wherever.

Hopefully, this was your problem. If not, please provide more details and maybe I or someone can assist further.


Hi @preston-churchil.curtis,

the default folder to UiPath saves automations is - C:\Users\Usersname\Documents\UiPath - could you check there? When you create the automation you will be asked where to store the automation and UiPath will save every 30 seconds.


If you don’t find anything as @ClaytonM suggested you project should be in the “open recent section” when you open up StudioX

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Thank you @ClaytonM and @FrankSchikora for your responses. I have now located the folder and understand how this works now. Thanks again!