Problems with StudioX

Hello there,
I have problems with StudioX, following the started guide on UiPath Academy, I’ve already installed Uipath Studio, then I uninstall it and install it again, but the problems that I have are:

  1. I can’t save property I guess that because when I tried to open a project on UIPath Studio X, there is not any workflow project to open only .json project are on the UIPath path folder, even those from the academy projects excercises.
  2. When I close Uipath StudioX I can’t find it on my machine, searching on windows search text box neither on windows explorer, I can only find the studio install .exe file, then I run it and it open Uipath Studio, and I can’t open or select UiPath Studio X, but on Windows remove applications UiPath Studio is there.
  3. When I turn off my machine, the Browser extension (chrome) is not installed when I turn on the Laptop.
  4. Following the started course it indicate to search UiPath Assistant but it can’t be found on windows search text box.

I’ve already uninstall Uipath Studio 3 times and installed again but it is the same problem.
The version of Uipath Studio X that I have is: 2020.4.1-beta22 comunity license.

Could you please help me?
I need to be able to turn off my computer and start again without problems and I need to be able to open prjects any time, and follow property the traning courses. And as you may know I’m working under presure by work, so please any help will be really appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance and best regards.

Hi, i have one question for you, is this PC you are using from your company? Do you know if by any chance there is something that is erasing your user profile stuff every time you restart?

Hello, thanks for write, I guess not, the user profile is not deleted, I have been installed other programs and they keep working fine, could it be the beta version of the software?..

By Default, it gets installed in your local appdata folder:

This is where you will find the version that you have in a folder, and the Assistant should be in a folder within there too.

Also ensure you change your profile to StudioX if you haven’t already. After opening Studio, Look for Licensing and Profile or something like that.

If you created any .xamls or workflows, they will most likely be located in your Documents folder. Or choose to create a New one within Studio.

Also, I suggest “pinning” it to the taskbar once you open Studio so it’s easier. This allows you to right click on it and open recent files.

Let us know if you have further issues.

Hi Clayton, I don’t have that folder (AppData) in my user profile on that path?, what should I need to do?

and I’ve already change the “default” path on documents to another in Desktop directly, but I can’t find any .xmals or workflow files…

It will be hidden. Go to Folder Options and set “show hidden”, or you can also just manually add it to the directory in the address bar.

I could find it on the folder after file explorer opcion, thanks a lot. Now the question is Uipath.Agent is the Uipath assistant?.. and it still I can’t open a projects from Uipath studio x, and the uipath installed is uipath studio, not studio x, check this picture:

Go to the app-20.4.1-beta0022 folder.
Inside, you can look for UiStudio.exe or something like that
Also, you will see a UiPath Assistant folder where the assistant is.

To get to the StudioX profile, you need to open UiStudio, then go to Settings, then License and Profile.

If it’s that shade of blue, then you are already on StudioX

I could found UiPath Assistant,under: C:\Users\Hiram Lopez\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-20.4.1-beta0022\UiPathAssistant
the problem that still there is how to open existent projects like for example the excersise projects…

Do you have Studio opened with StudioX profile? You should see a list of “Recent files” under the Start section on the left side.

This unfortunately won’t show where the dang files are. But, you can click on Open which brings you to the default location (or maybe last location used).

Typically, you will download files to “C:\Users\Hiram Lopez\Downloads” so check there for any project folders which should have .xaml files. Also check “C:\Users\Hiram Lopez\Documents” or “Users\Hiram Lopez\Desktop”

You can also do a search by going to C drive in File Explorer, then searching for all .xamls like this: *.xaml

Let me know if that helps! :smiley:

Is this kind of file the projects files .xaml ?, If I double click on them they will be opened with uipath studio?, because from studio x I can’t find them, look the pictures.

I guess I could find it, I’ve change the type of files on studio x and it shows me the main file (.xaml right?)… To be honest I’ve already create a flow and I need to present it tomorrow morning and I don’t want to close anything hahaha, but with this if is correct then I can rest and tomorrow verify if everything is going well…

So I really appreciate your help Clayton, really really Thanks a lot! you helped me a lot.

Yep, that looks like the .xaml file which holds all your code. So if you open that, it should open in Studio.


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