How to save automations to desktop

Hi All, is anyone aware of how to save automations to your computer or desktop, somewhere not in studio x? Asking because I have been using the training license for my company and will soon be switched to a normal license and lose my automations. Wondering if I can save on desktop for example and then re-download when I receive the normal license. Thank you


Your automations are saved on your desktop only…

Ideally in documents\UiPath\

Only license is changed you can open them again


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Hello @trevor.thenga - Welcome to the UiPath Community Forum.

While creating a process in UiPath Studio/Studio X, we need to specify the default details like Process Name, Process Description. If you click on Advanced Tab → You can mention the desire path where you want to save the project files. You can specify the path, and it’s the default settings which will always reflect whenever you create a project regardless of license.

You can also set Compatibility and Language, as the compatibility (Windows - Legacy) will be deprecated soon, so I will suggest to stick with Cross-platform or Windows.

The default path is set to "Users\Documents\UiPath" as per set path variable.
Please find attached screenshot for your reference.


thank you for the response, so since it is already saved in my documents folder, if my license changes, i will still be able to access?

@trevor.thenga - Yes by default it will be saved there only. But while moving on to Enterprise license/Cloud, there will be separate installer package that you will be installing and it might delete the contents or create separate directory while installation. So please make sure, you take necessary precautions.

makes sense, what would you suggest as necessary precaution?

@trevor.thenga Following measures:

  1. Backup of Existing Directory
  2. Create a separate directory for ease of use
  3. Use Version Control (GIT, SVN) → Best approach


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