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Hi everyone. I am new to UiPath Studio. Can someone help me what activity should i use to open an image file? I was able to do Take Screenshot Activity and Save Image Activity. Now, I am planning to open the saved image file. Any help would do. Thanks so much!

There are several ways. The easiest way is to use the process.start(“YourFilePath”) as in the below screenshot. Be sure to change the variable type to system.diagnotics.process



Before I saw your comment, I tried to use Open Application activity and Start Process activity but there was an error.

Good thing that you helped me immediately and your idea worked!! Thanks so much @AndersJensen

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another way to open the image file is

using Run

workflow design

SO first it will use send hotkey [Win+r] to open the Run image

Then it will type the filepath of image file,

After that use click activity to click OK Button to open the image file

Try this way too

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