How to open all the images in folder one by one

Hi guys,

I have set of image files in a specified folder i want to open all the images in a gallery viewer one by one for extracting some data using computer vision from those images and loop should break at the last image.

Can anyone tell me how to do this ,
Share logic
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Hi @Sriram07,

You can do that using the assign activity as in the screenshot:

Then you can loop through the string array to get each image.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

yeah understood !
After that how to open that image in a screen

Load Image activity will help you to load the image to a variable or

If you want to open a image, then use Process.start method as in the screenshot:

image .

This will open the image

i don’t want open one image as you gave as path for specified image . i need to open all images in the folder.
Then how can i use this start process for all images in one by one in a loop.
please will you share the workflow or screenshot for that .

Here is the workflow, but make a note of all the variable types i have used :slight_smile:

GetFilesInADir.xaml (5.7 KB)

Hope this helps

As per recent UiPath community discussions, we are not supposed to provide the workflows… :slight_smile:


As @HareeshMR mentioned in the first, in that way we have to read all images in particular folder and will give you output as String array. Then use For Each loop to iterate that array and inside it use Start Process activity and pass file argument as ‘item’. Then it will open one by one image in that folder.

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yeah bro
Did same as u mentioned !
But it opening only 1 st image and it was throwing error with
Message : Application could not be opened
Source : Start process !
Correct me what went wrong !!!

Can you post the screenshot of the issue and confirm whether the path contains only images ?


If possible could you share your Workflow and need to check once.