How to navigate to correct folder for attaching a file within a ERP funtion

Step starts with initiating to attach a file via our ERP system Jeeves. I click a button and the explorer window opens where I can navigate to the correct folder and choose the file I need. The file needed is stored in a specific folder with a name that the robot know (5 digit number followed by date and file name: <Fakturanr+“-”“yyyy-MM-dd”)+“.pdf”>).

My problem is that I cannot navigate to the correct folder. If I use type into, the robot wrongly clicks the folder name and cannot perform “Type Into”. I cannot see another way of navigating. I cannot do it by clicking because the starting file path varies based what file path I have been using earlier during the day.

Any ideas?

Hello @nicklas.eriksson,

In my flows, usually I write the full path file name in the FileName field, not in the address bar.
I understand that the robot knows the full address, so why not use it?

It is more easier to type the full name instead of navigating in windows explorer.