UI Assistant help on finding file path

I have deployed my robot on orchestrator… while reading csv in my system the data fetches it from the download folder which i have mapped in my system.

After I have added another user for the robot it shows error in assistant that the file path is not located how can i make it work in someone else’s system?

Path name: “C:\Users\vishal.singh\Downloads\xyz.csv” (in my system while i designed the bot)

Now I want to pick file from the system of the user. Shall make (*) in system name??

Hello @Vishal_Singh1 ,

You should use System.Environment.UserName to get the UserName and System.Environment.UserDomainName to get the DomainName.

i hope it helps.


Hi @wasea

Could you please tell me what will it do and where to put it

could you please provide me a sample.

Thanks for the help

Something like this you must use:


@wasea thanks i will try and let you know

Seems that it deleted a ""
Like this:

Hi @wasea It worked !!! thanks

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